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Agillic empowers brands to create superior and profitable customer experiences through relevant, personalized, and automated communication.

Global Subscription Management

About Agillic – Omnichannel Marketing Automation Platform

With Agillic, you can execute personalized communication across channels – including email, SMS, app push, and paid media – from a single platform.

Agillic has a unique customer-centric data structure at the heart of the platform. The data models and personalization rules make it possible to activate content across channels and adapt the communication to each customer’s profile.

Featuring a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, Agillic has made it easy to execute data-driven, personalized, and automated communication that creates value for the customer and the brand.

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Best of breed subscriber management & billing platform

In combination with Agillic, subscriber data securely acquired by MPP Global can be used for interaction across the entire customer life cycle via relevant personalized omnichannel communication. This continuous and relevant subscriber engagement (non-user also, if opted in for Marketing communications) ensures higher subscriber loyalty, lower churn, and secures additional revenue streams.

The joint solution provides a fully integrated subscription and membership service, that handles both the registration, subscription offers, billing, and omnichannel communication flows. Service Providers can deliver timely and relevant personalized marketing content to their subscribers, triggered by incoming data from MPP Global to complement their subscriber experience with customer communication across email, SMS, push, web, SoMe, and print.

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