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MPP Global Integrates Mather Economics’ Targeted Market Based Pricing to Maximise Customer Lifetime Value & Minimise Subscriber Losses.

Global Subscription Management

About Mather Economics

Mather Economics – the global leader in subscription management data analytics

To support digital audience analytics, Mather developed Listener™, a first-party data collection tool designed to ease data gathering, integrate with your fulfillment systems, and scale your operations to grow digital revenue. Mather has combined technology, audience/content analytics, and strategic consulting to help you achieve the level of operations used by the best-in-class businesses. We act as the intelligence layer for your technology to push recommendations into common publisher fulfillment systems and are an extension of your digital revenue management team.
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How we partner with Economics

Best of breed subscriber management & billing platform

MPP Global and Mather Economics offer an integrated solution that allows publishers to implement sophisticated pricing strategies within the Subscription Management platform. The combination of MPP Global’s specialist publishing tools and Mather Economics’ consultative services delivers insights and support based on their clients’ complex analytics challenges and business focus. Together, the solution drives significant reductions in customer churn and increases in customer lifetime value compared with standard subscription pricing strategies.
Mather Economics working with Aptitude and MPP Global