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Sceenic is the award-winning leader in developing ‘Watch Together’ technology (real-time video calling SDK)

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About Sceenic

Sceenic – ‘Watch Together’ technology

Sceenic is an innovator and leader in understanding today’s customer behaviors and expectations. In 2013, the company created the Watch Together software solution, adding value to fan engagement and keeping the conversation within their clients’ platforms: BT Sport, PCCW, YES Network, T-Mobile Germany (Deutsche Telekom), NPO, ScreenHits TV, LaLiga, Virgin Connect Russia, WeLoveGaming eSports, and others.
Sceenic provides turnkey SDKs to deploy services for clients. Sceenic was recently named the Top Industry Performer and the Game Changer in the Sports Innovation Lab Power Play Index for Co-Watching.

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How we partner with Sceenic

MPP Global and Sceenic ‘together’

‘Sceenic is the award-winning leader in developing ‘Watch Together’ technology (real-time video calling SDK), enabling people in the same group to watch the same content, fully synchronized, while also communicating via voice and video with all group members. Results show greater viewer engagement, customer acquisition, and increased viewing time for Service Providers of Sports and Entertainment content.
Deployed in combination with MPP Global’s ‘Subscription Management’ Subscriber Management & Billing software, the Sceenic Watch Together service addresses all stages of the customer lifecycle for TV/OTT Service Providers. It can be used to attract new subscribers as an exciting and engaging new feature within a specific ‘VIP’ Subscription for example; or to retain existing, high-value Subscribers as a reward for their loyalty; or a means of ‘saving’ or ‘winning back’ subscribers who may be thinking about leaving your service and need special offer to convince them to stay. In all cases, the Watch Together service significantly increases engagement with your content and drives increased revenues via recommendations from your existing Subscribers to their friends and family members. Simply deployed by adding an Entitlement to a Subscription, Sceenic’s Watch Together and Subscription Management Subscriber Management and Billing from MPP Global is a powerful combination to attract new subscribers, build loyalty and reduce churn.’

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