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The following software or use thereof is covered by one or more of the following patents and patent applications.

The Aptitude™ platform aka. MICROGEN APTITUDE

Patents Granted:
Protected by United States Patent(s): US Patent no. 8,140,894; 8,392,013; 8,392,473; 8,438,534; 8,464,229; 8,549,353

Patents Pending:
United States Patent application no(s): 12/648617; 12/648636; 12/648641; 12/648649; 12/648652; 12/648656; 12/648660; 13/746895
European Patent application no(s): 06100913.0; 10196007.8; 10195974.0; 10196028.4; 10195999.7; 10195987.2; 10196023.5; 10196015.1; 10196034.2; 10196111.8; 10196126.6; 13153701.1; 13/400451;
Hong Kong Patent application no(s): 06109514.2; 12110250.0
International PCT application no(s): PCT/EP2011/064584
United Kingdom Patent application no(s); 1301864.3


The following are some of the trademarks owned by Microgen and its Group Companies:

Microgen ® Microgen plc
Microgen Aptitude ® Microgen Aptitude Limited
Aptitude ® Microgen Aptitude Limited (UK Registration)
Aptitude ™ Microgen Aptitude Limited
DBClarity ® Microgen Aptitude Limited (UK Registration)
DBClarity ™ Microgen Aptitude Limited
Bacway and Bacway IP ® Microgen Banking Systems Limited
Interlink Structured Funds ® Microgen (South Africa) Limited
PowerQuote ® Microgen Solutions Limited

APTITUDE, APTITUDE ALLOCATION ENGINE and the Triangles device are trademarks of Aptitude Software Limited


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    2017 survey shows finance leaders still struggle around business partnering

    Grab a first look at some of the conclusions reached by the 2017 Future of the Finance Function Survey, conducted by FSN. This first infographic installment looks at current sentiments around business partnering and the struggle that CFOs sometimes face in trying to impact key business areas.

  • 4 May 2017

    Leasing FAQs

    We've had the opportunity to speak with partners, clients and prospects about the leasing change that is around the corner. Over the course of those meetings, several questions kept coming up so we sat down with Aptitude Software finance expert, Alan Berkley to gather answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the new IFRS 16 / ASC 842 standard and our Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine.

  • 26 Apr 2017

    Lease Management Systems vs. Aptitude Software Lease Accounting Engine: What’s Different?

    The post below outlines some of the differences between a typical lease management solution and the Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine.

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