Aptitude Accounting Hub Capabilities

Control accounting, address diverse reporting requirements, and generate a detailed source of finance-quality data.

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What does the Accounting Hub do?

The Aptitude Accounting Hub consolidates all financial data, integrates easily into your existing finance technology landscape. It is flexible, highly configurable and can handle vast transaction volumes.

The accounting hub can import data from any and all sources (we have consolidated over 140 source systems for one of our customers). For a bank this may be customer data, financial data and all transactional data. For an Insurer this may be policy data, accounting data and actuarial data.

The data from all of these sources is brought together into a data validation layer -where it is enriched and structured in a consistent way.  The accounting hub has inbuilt calculations engines which apply accounting and regulatory calculations to the data, all in one place, saving time, effort and reducing risk.

The two-way subledger is robust and holds data at a granular level – feeding out information into general ledgers and analytics tools. The software has been specifically designed for the finance team – by finance experts, so it’s user friendly, bringing you to business benefits quickly.

Aptitude Accounting Hub Features

  • Centralised accounting and regulatory rules /calculations engine
  • True, multi-dimensional, mulit-GAAP, double-entry accounting sub-ledger with detailed accounting balances daily
  • Financial data repository for drill down into all underlying transactions
  • Detailed industry data models including banking, insurance and telcos
  • Pre-populated IFRS product lifecycle accounting events
  • Seamless integration with current systems including all major technology stacks and cloud/ on premise ERP & GLs

Aptitude Accounting Hub offers

Project speed to deployment

–            Pre-packaged with finance templates and financial products

–            Enables enterprises to quickly build applications around financial integration projects

–            Comes with complete business events model – defined

Scalability and Performance

–            We handle billions of events an hour in Aptitude Software

–            Scales to size of business due to ETL based data load

Flexibility & Extensibility

–            Solution which can be maintained by the business via visual business rules

–            Intuitive and graphical interfaces to quickly extend and build business applications

–            Flexible screen-based input of accounting rules

–            Flexible intelligent standardisation of incoming data