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Transforming Finance with the Aptitude Accounting Hub

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How companies utilize the Aptitude Accounting Hub

  • One of the world’s largest global banks generates multi-GAAP reporting from millions of daily trade and transaction events.
  • A leading insurer is building a financial data foundation to empower them to compete more effectively in a competitive market.
  • A multinational telecoms provider streamlines, simplifies and automates finance operations while implementing a new accounting policy.
  • A top consumer financial services company automated burdensome manual adjustments.

Typical project goals

There are a number of scenarios and needs that drive enterprise finance teams to consider the Aptitude Accounting Hub. Typical project goals include:

  • Implementing new accounting policy (i.e. IFRS & US GAAP)
  • Increasing financial transparency
  • Reducing cost or improving productivity of Finance
  • Addressing new regulations & reporting requirements

However, it’s not just internal factors that our solution addresses. Pressure from the wider business anticipating future developments means than adopting the Aptitude Accounting Hub can give clients key strategic advantages to meet:

  • Increasing transaction volumes
  • Challenges from new products and business models
  • Requirements for detailed financial insight to optimize profitability
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“The combination of Aptitude Software’s specialist finance solutions, including the Aptitude Accounting Hub, will enable us to calculate and post multiple valuations in parallel.  This will not only result in substantially shorter close periods, it also simplifies the current processes – allowing the business to focus on more value-adding tasks.”

Finance IT Transformation Program Lead, Global Reinsurer