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Aptitude RevStream (AREV)

Modern, highly configurable, SaaS solution to automate ASC 606 / IFRS 15 revenue recognition compliance and manage the end to end revenue lifecycle
Smart compliance
continuous automation of ASC 606 / IFRS 15 compliance, reducing risk
Centralized control
simplified capture of performance obligations and management of complex, multi-element arrangements
Operational efficiencies
full automation of the revenue lifecycle accelerating speed of financial close
Business agility
easily configurable and highly scalable to support diverse and innovative business models

What is Aptitude RevStream (AREV)

Aptitude RevStream is a revenue management software solution. A secure, easily configurable platform to automate revenue recognition and to strategically manage the end-to-end revenue lifecycle, providing value beyond compliance.

A scalable, revenue automation solution

Aptitude RevStream fully automates the end to end revenue lifecycle from determining product pricing, capturing contracts, performance obligations, revenue recognition and accounting, to financial close, disclosures and reporting to deliver strategic business insights.

Aptitude RevStream is an enterprise, highly scalable, revenue management software solution that can handle massive volumes of transactions, highly complex contracts and business structures.  It is easily configurable, empowering the finance office with full control to define performance obligations, customer arrangements, make contract modifications, manage liabilities such as deferred revenue, determine standalone selling prices while providing the agility to quickly launch new products and business models to market.

The key components of Aptitude RevStream

Based on years of development working closely with customers and partners, the component modules that make up Aptitude RevStream address all of the complexities of revenue recognition management.

Data Management

Aptitude RevStream’s data management tools make it easy to access, sort and review your contracts, orders and business events in real-time through a powerful transaction repository. Manage and automate your entire revenue recognition process and present your numbers with confidence.

Interface with existing ERP, CRM, Contracts, Billing, Sales, and other relevant source systems to collect, aggregate, and systematically enable these transactions for revenue recognition.

Workbench dashboard makes it easy to identify and fix any errors or material mistakes and see what items you need to work on when you log on to RevStream in the morning.

AREV SSP Engine Icon

SSP Analysis

Automate historical transaction analysis and testing to determine standalone selling price and support the processing of high transaction volumes.

Use as a standalone application or as a key input into the Aptitude RevStream Revenue Recognition Manager, the Aptitude RevStream SSP Engine eliminates the time consuming and error prone activity required to arrive at the basis for properly allocating transaction prices in contracts with customers.


Arrangement Manager

Manage and track your contracts with customers in a dynamic revenue application that allows you to define performance obligations and arrangements with your customers to comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidance.

Proactively make adjustments to contracts within the tool, removing the limitations inherent in commercial contract, ERP and order-to-cash systems.


AREV complex arrangements icon

AREV Revenue arrangement manager icon

Revenue Accounting

Systematic approach to revenue lifecycle management to expedite faster period closes, increase process efficiency, and reduce risk of noncompliance. Aptitude RevStream Revenue Recognition Manager automates revenue and cost accounting through a configurable rules


What are the key features of Aptitude RevStream?

Out-of-the-Box Automation Templates
Centralized Data Management Repository
Stand-alone Selling Price (SSP) Analysis Engine
Revenue Arrangements Manager
Automate Complex Arrangements
Automate Complex Calculations
Flexible Integrations and Pre-Built Connectors
Configurable Real-time Reporting
Common KPI Templates and Dashboards

Aptitude RevStream Core Offering Diagram

AREV Core Offering Diagram

What can Aptitude RevStream integrate with?

Aptitude RevStream is designed to work as a complete standalone revenue management solution or as a modular extension to your existing financial systems. Above all, Aptitude RevStream acts as a revenue accounting “subledger” in your ERP.

Aptitude RevStream integrates with other sales and accounting systems to leverage existing investments and easily access and share data including Oracle, NetSuite and SAP. This enables seamless financial and planning processes.

AREV flexible integrations icon

What are the key customer benefits of Aptitude RevStream?

Smart compliance
Rapid and continuous compliance with ASC 606 / IFRS 15, reducing business risk
Full control
Flexible and configurable, empowers finance by reducing IT reliance and increasing speed to market
Operational intelligence
Gain operational and cost efficiency through process automation, improving productivity, accelerating financial close and increasing ROI
Strategic foresight
A rich, trusted data model that can be harnessed to meet KPI’s, provide actionable business insights and support forward-looking forecasting and planning
Business agility
A modern, scalable enterprise revenue management solution that can embrace regulatory, technological and business change and enable a rapid response to new opportunities for competitive advantage

What Aptitude RevStream looks like

  • 01-AREV-SShot_600
    Aptitude Revstream Dashboard
  • 02-AREV-SShot_Configuration
    Aptitude Revstream Configuration
  • 03-AREV-SShot_Workbenches
    A screenshot of Aptitude Revstream Workbenches
  • 04-AREV-SShot_Reporting
    A screenshot of Aptitude Revstream Reporting
  • 05-AREV-SShot_InsightsRevDashboard
    Aptitude Revstream Insights Revenue Dashboard
  • 06-AREV-SShot_Insights-DeferredRevDash
    A screenshot of Aptitude Revstream Insights Deferred Revenue Dashboard
  • 07-AREV-SShot_Insights-BookingsDash
    Aptitude Revstream Insights Bookings Dashboard

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