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RevStream joins the Aptitude Software family

In September 2017, Aptitude Software acquired RevStream, a market leading enterprise revenue lifecycle management company. Bringing RevStream into the Aptitude family extends our position as a leading provider of revenue recognition solutions. Our portfolio with cloud-based revenue management has expanded to include technology, software, media and other verticals.

Customers like VMware, Red Hat, Intuit, Ciena and many more have chosen Aptitude RevStream to solve ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue recognition automation and compliance.

Why use Aptitude RevStream for Revenue Recognition?

  • Intuitive – Easy to navigate with great flexibility to make adjustments along your revenue recognition process
  • Customizable – Configure and change rule-based workflows to suit your preferences as often as you need without IT support
  • Agile – Cloud based software means that you can adapt to changes to revenue rules quickly by having the latest updates
  • Logical – Designed to automate revenue using natural steps that follow accounting guidance and compliance regulations
  • Accurate – Consistent SOC 1 reports give you an extra layer of internal control that we are calculating your revenue as expected.
  • Ease of Integration – Get set up quicker with out of the box connectors to gather data from any existing system or source.

What is Aptitude RevStream?

Aptitude RevStream is a revenue automation application that works with your existing ERP, CRM, contracts, billing, sales and other relevant source systems to collect, aggregate and systematically enable these transactions for revenue recognition.

This secure and scalable cloud-based solution allows you to drive revenue automation, adopt new compliance standards, gain new insights from existing data and generate reports efficiently.

  • Data Management – Access, sort and review your contracts, orders and business events in real-time through a powerful transaction repository
  • Arrangement Manager – Proactively make adjustments to contracts within the tool, removing the limitations inherent in commercial contract, ERP and order-to-cash systems
  • Revenue Accounting – Automate revenue and cost accounting with a rules engine that can be customized with out of the box configurations
  • SSP Analysis – Analyze and test historical transactions to determine stand alone selling price (SSP)


Aptitude RevStream is designed to work as a complete standalone revenue management solution or as a modular extension to your existing financials systems, acting as a revenue accounting “subledger” in your ERP. We also connect to other sales and accounting systems to leverage existing investments and easily access and share data, enabling seamless financial and planning processes. Some systems we integrate with are:

The more that we can get things out of manual Excel models and eliminate the risk of human error, the better”

Lauren Holt, Director of Corporate Accounting and Reporting, Intuit

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Learn more about the new revenue recognition managed service from KPMG and Aptitude Software.

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At a glance

  • Prepared for ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance
  • Automates revenue recognition
  • Showcases insightful data
  • Produces reports and analytics
  • Powerful and secure cloud-based platform.
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Aptitude RevStream news

  • 10 Apr 2018

    Your Rev Rec Community. Your Rev Rec Future. Aptitude RevStream’s User Conference.

    Aptitude Software joins forces with Aptitude RevStream for the first time - presenting the 4th Annual RevStream User Conference in San Francisco, California.

    Join us at RevConnect on May 16-17 in San Francisco, CA.

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