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Aptitude RevStream is a comprehensive solution for managing revenue recognition, compliance, insights, and reporting. RevStream eliminates the bottlenecks, inaccuracies, and risks of revenue management so that companies close faster. Users forecast more accurately, making smarter decisions about customer contracts, product pricing, and managing liabilities such as deferred revenue.

Aptitude RevStream Modules:

Based on years of development working closely with customers and partners, the modules that make up Aptitude RevStream address all of the complexities of revenue recognition management.

The cloud-based solution delivers a high-performance, scalable, secure and trusted tool to automate and manage revenue, provide accurate forecasts, and ensure compliance when accounting for revenues in support of innovative new monetization models.


Data Management:

Aptitude RevStream’s data management tools make it easy to access, sort, and review your transactions in real-time. Manage and automate your entire revenue recognition process and present your numbers with confidence.

  • Access a powerful repository of contracts, orders, and business events through the transaction hub.
  • Interface with existing ERP, CRM, Contracts, Billing, Sales, and other relevant source systems to collect, aggregate, and systematically enable these transactions for revenue recognition.
  • Workbench dashboard makes it easy to identify and fix any errors or material mistakes and see what items you need to work on when you log on to RevStream in the morning.

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Arrangement Manager:

Provides advanced arrangement management to the industry’s leading  platform. With RevStream, your revenue team can proactively establish the customer contract within the platform, removing the limitations inherent in commercial contract, ERP, and order-to-cash systems.

  • Manage and track your customer contracts in a dynamic revenue application that allows you to define performance obligations and arrangements.
  • Quickly and easily comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidance.
  • Create arrangements based on orders and contracts received from upstream systems by using configurable rules to link transactions by any contract attribute and/or time threshold.

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Revenue Accounting:

Systematic approach to revenue lifecycle management to expedite faster period closes, increase process efficiency, and reduce risk of noncompliance. RevStream Revenue Recognition Manager automates revenue and cost accounting through a configurable rules engine.

  • Automate key revenue recognition processes and proactively promote the success of the business.
  • Define multiple reporting methods to support dual reporting, recasting, forecasting, statutory, offering modeling, and management reporting.
  • De-bundle numbers, allocate, and carve revenue across performance obligations. Identify contingent revenue for additional deferral, and determine available revenue for each performance obligation.

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SSP Analysis:

Automate historical transaction analysis and testing to determine standalone selling price (SSP). Eliminate the time consuming and error prone activity required to arrive at, or calculate, the basis for properly allocating transaction prices to contracts with customers.

  • Extends the RevStream Transaction Hub to provide a dynamic and scalable platform for performing batch-based evidence studies of historical pricing activity.
  • Includes reporting for fair value summaries, analysis charts, and audit reporting to support analytical and control requirements.
  • Supports up to 15 stratifications including regional, customer, sales channel and customer type tiers.  Also supports currency and volume pricing tiers.

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“RevStream has changed and improved revenue management at Intuit by allowing us to effectively speed our ability to manage revenue and account for revenue appropriately. It’s allowed us to obtain more detail about how revenue is being managed across the different product lines.”

Mark Flournoy, VP and Chief Accounting Officer, Intuit

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