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Case Study: How Aptitude’s subscription management helped power hayu’s successful expansion

How Aptitude Subscription Management Helped Power hayu’s Successful Expansion

Flexibility, agility and a suite of powerful features have enabled hayu to expand to 27 territories, reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) and minimize involuntary churn – all without the need for expensive, bespoke development.
By leveraging Aptitude’s subscription management platform, hayu was able to launch and experiment with new products and pricing quickly to boost recurring revenue and support the launch of new online platforms and expansion in the future.

The Client said:

Without Aptitude Subscription Management, we were bound by bespoke development for every promotion, every payment integration etc. That would have slowed us down and added costs. One of the benefits of Aptitude’s Subscription Management is that it certainly does what it says on the tin. You can trust in the product. It delivers and has really become a core part of our technical infrastructure. ”

Hendrik McDermott - Managing Director - hayu

Hendrik McDermott – Managing Director