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eBook: The paths to a digital-first mindset in Insurance

Three pathways to agility, scalability, and lower costs for Insurtech and Midmarket Insurance organizations 

At first, the finance department profiles of a Midmarket Insurance company and an Insurtech might look different. But peel back the curtain on the challenges, opportunities, and goals in both of these types of insurers and you will find many similarities, including: 

  • Both facing a constantly changing industry and significant pressure to consistently innovate.  
  • Continued high expectations from regulators and other stakeholders 
  • A shift away from looking at historical performance to focusing on the future  
  • The need for Finance to provide timely access to finance data, insights, and mechanisms to support new products, bundles, and business models with agility. 

This eBook from Aptitude Software and KPMG highlights the imperative for Midmarket Insurers and Insurtechs to innovate to meet existing and future challenges and thrive in a digital world. 

You’ll discover: 

  • Why insurers must embrace digitalization now 
  • How to practically define a digital finance mindset 
  • The three paths to digital finance

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