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eBook: Supporting the move to a cloud general ledger in Financial Services

One of the most challenging cloud projects for a Financial Services company can be the shift from an on-premise general ledger (GL) – to a cloud-based one

Transitioning this core system – or systems as many organizations end up with multiple GLs due to merger and acquisition activity – from a deeply entrenched, highly customized solution to a SaaS solution can be very beneficial in terms of reducing the overall cost of finance and increasing automation and efficiency. However, it introduces certain challenges.

In this eBook, our digital finance experts present:

• Top risks to mitigate in moving to a cloud GL

• How companies like Commonwealth Bank of Australia and OneAmerica are getting cloud GL migrations right

• The value of accounting hub and subledger modules that can automate accounting, unify data and let finance users easily configure the solution without the involvement of IT

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