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Whitepaper: Emerging Models in Paid Content

Emerging Models in Paid Content.

Paid content is the only model for digital publishers that will drive revenues whilst being weaned off advertising dependence. But the way companies monetize content is changing and has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper


In a world where people consume content on their own terms, personalizing and tailoring services to match the individual’s needs is essential. Publishers must keep the consumer at the heart of paid content strategies.

Two Types of Paywall

We explore the differences of the two key types of paywall – the hard and metered versions. While hard paywalls were once the only option, technology is making it easier to customize paywalls based on a metered model.

Offers & Bundles

Part of the emerging model for paid content is the increased use of targeted offers, in-app subscriptions, bundling and rewards and loyalty schemes. With the right system and CRM platform, it’s possible to maximize revenues with these.

Beyond the Wall

Paywalls are not the only game in town, however. What about datawalls, sharewalls and post-paywall? These are some of the emerging trends but which is right for your business?