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eBook: Filling the gaps in an IFRS 17 infrastructure

IFRS 17 is a challenging, complex standard, and for many Insurers, reaching compliance by the January 1, 2023 deadline was a race. Now many Insurers who opted for a more tactical solution are revisiting their finance architectures and looking to plug gaps left by compliance-only solutions.  

In this recent eBook from our insurance experts with comments from EY Partner, Brendan Counsell, we cover: 

  • Typical gaps in tactical IFRS 17 solution approaches 
  • Ways to address IFRS 17 gaps in existing systems 
  • Tactics to address additional finance data and automation priorities alongside compliance efforts 

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“Financial reporting timelines for my insurance clients have consistently become shorter and more demanding over the last ten years. IFRS 17 throws a real spanner in the works as it represents a several-fold increase in complexity and the level of analysis required by financial reporting teams in the same tight reporting deadlines.” 

-Brendan Counsel, Partner, EY