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Guide: How Media Companies Can Drive Subscriber Acquisition During Black Friday and Holiday Sales

It isn’t just retailers taking advantage of sales, with publishers and OTT (Over-the-Top) media services seeing the opportunity to launch special deals to draw in new subscribers during Black Friday, holiday sales, sporting, and niche events.

This guide will cover successful campaigns and explore key strategies to help publishers and OTT services leverage sales to boost subscriber revenue.

What You’ll Learn:

Offers & Incentives
Sales, discounts, and trials are usually planned well in advance, but media companies require the agility and flexibility to create, experiment, launch, and refine offers quickly and easily.

Gifting & Value-add
With a boom in media subscriptions, companies can now refine their gift and core product proposition to be more enticing by bundling additional products & services to the core content.

When upselling to existing customers, media companies can more effectively use personalization to tailor offers to their likes and needs to maximize conversion rates and lifetime value.

Retaining Subscribers
Ensure that all the efforts of acquisition are not wasted when discounts end, media companies need the tools to mitigate churn, as well as the ability to capture valuable first-party data.

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