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Whitepaper: How to Approach Real-time Subscription Management

SAP are set to discontinue IS Media – Media Sales and Distribution (MSD), a module that manages circulation and subscriptions for print products such as newspapers and magazines. Subscription billing technology is evolving, but are you?

Our brand new whitepaper recommends how publishers should upgrade their ERP systems using real-time tools that support print subscriptions whilst simultaneously future-proofing and providing access to new and emerging digital business models.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Future-proof your Print & Digital Business

Find out how you can future-proof your subscription business while supporting a dual print and digital strategy, reducing costs, and integrating with existing ERP systems.

Real-time Subscription Management

Explore the benefits of next-generation subscription and billing management done in real-time, providing ultimate product and packaging flexibility and access to new and emerging digital business models.

Plug & Play

MPP Global’s Subscription Management is a ‘plug & play’ API-led cloud platform that provides publishers with easy
to use tools, supporting real-time subscription management and billing.


Learn how Subscription Management provides flexibility while also offering the benefits of a cloud environment where you have no capital expenditure on hardware, operating systems, or databases.