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Whitepaper: How to Implement a Paywall – From Free to Fee

The growth in online content consumption poses different and increasingly more complex challenges for publishers. With the way digital content is consumed changing, media companies can embrace monetization opportunities to capture the attention of consumers, compete in a broader marketplace and ultimately drive revenues.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Establishing Project Prerequisites

Firstly, an understanding of the overall business and customer requirements is necessary to succeed. Learn the value of the content for customers, both present and future, to generate revenue through your chosen paywall and manage customers in their move to walled content.

Typical Projects and How They are Delivered

Different business objectives require a different type of paywall and adopting the right one paves the road for success. There is no longer the simple divide between ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ paywalls, new models have emerged and more publishers are adopting these.

Technology & Department Considerations

Technology is a necessity in these high-tech times. Knowing your requirements and how they mesh with the existing infrastructure can be crucial to achieving a successful project, especially when combined with an understanding of the customer’s role.

Payment Models & Methods

All your planning will count for nothing without an effective payment model. Understanding the customer will help the type and complexity decision of the solution. The use of functionality is vital, a payment model needs to offer the right balance of functionality.