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Whitepaper: How to Monetize The Connected Entertainment Environment

How to Monetize The Connected Entertainment Environment.

Television has gone through an immeasurable change. From linear TV services that were pushed on viewers, to a world where the consumer has total control over what they watch and when they watch it, the new connected entertainment environment is the result of major changes.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Television in Flux

Traditional television has declined in the face of growing demand for choice. Technology is altering the landscape and increasing the content delivery model has moved from a ‘push’ basis to an industry in which consumers set the weather.

OTT & New Pay TV

At the front of this change is over-the-top television, which hands power to the viewer like never before. Who are the major players and how does this technology change business models?

Challenges for OTT

It’s not all easy for content providers in a connected entertainment environment. Challenges exist, from digital rights management to content acquisition and churn. Monetization and finding the right business model to drive revenues is crucial.

Technology Changes the Picture

Driving the change is technology and the rise of connected TVs means we’ve moved on from traditional cable or satellite models. But each set is different and viewers don’t just watch content on their TV, but on tablets, smartphones, and PCs.