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Case study: L’Équipe

The issues surrounding digital transformation and evolving consumer habits have been impacting publishers for over a decade.

As a result, we have seen an increasing amount of media companies and newspapers implementing new strategies alongside their traditional print to grow revenues. This has been driven further by the way consumers are accessing content, with a greater percentage of audiences viewing content from their mobile and tablet devices.

This presented L’Équipe, France’s only dedicated sports newspaper, with an opportunity. To stay ahead of its competition and keep in touch with its audience, L’Équipe needed to find an alternative business model to advertising to diversify its revenue streams and overcome decreasing revenues that the newspaper was previously experiencing.

The Client said:

“This project is a significant move for L’Équipe as we continue to grow revenues outside of advertising. Using MPP Global’s Subscription Management, we are breaking the mould on traditional legacy subscription business models by empowering our customers, diversifying our product and developing relationships with both engaged & casual readers to ultimately drive subscriptions.”


Christina Terrier

Director of Subscriptions & Paid Content