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Case study: McClatchy

McClatchy Rolls Out Subscription Management and Billing Platform

McClatchy, the owner of media companies across 14 states, has selected MPP Global to support its digital initiatives with intelligent technology to drive audience engagement turning casual consumers into paid subscribers. McClatchy has launched 29 of its publications on the Subscription Management platform, creating a more unified and simplified user journey for its print and digital customers.

Subscription Management provides McClatchy with an end-to-end toolkit that gives more control over the customer experience and the journey they would take when moving from a casual reader to a subscriber. The creation of a new member center has progressed relationships with their users, providing the publisher with added confidence to create and launch multiple marketing campaigns to acquire new subscribers.

McClatchy is now starting to iterate the user flows to further optimize the user journey and subscription funnel. The next phase of the project is to continue working with integrating Subscription Management further into the business, including the existing print system, rewards program, and new messaging platform.

Watch Gina Falcone-Rupp, Senior Manager, Product Operations at McClatchy share her experiences of working with MPP Global’s Subscription Management to maximize subscriber revenues. >>

The Client said:

Throughout all of our challenges and the big delay from our initial launch date, MPP Global has been there to help us move forward. They have patiently answered our questions, responded to emails at ungodly hours of the night, helped us identify solutions to roadblock, and have genuinely been invested in our success.

Gina Falcone-RuppSenior

Manager, Product Operations, McClatchy