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On-demand webinar: Navigating the impact of ESG regulations in your finance teams

ESG is already a hot topic that is likely to be a dynamic, evolving journey that is only just beginning. One thing is for certain: it will likely fall to Finance teams – in their role as data stewards – to manage the completely new data sets and disclosures that will be required to meet expected regulations.

To ensure compliance with the new regulations it will be critical that data is consistent, standardized and comparable across organizations and industries and presented in a highly consumable format for all stakeholders.

In this webinar, experts from finance advisory firms, Baringa Partners and MHA Macintyre Hudson join Aptitude to discuss:

The expected impacts of future ESG regulations on the finance function

The approaches Finance leaders are taking to address the data, accounting and reporting challenges that will shape the next decade of ESG regulations and requirements.

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