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Whitepaper: Online Payments – Supporting Omnichannel Experiences

In the digital environment of today, streamlined buying journeys and one-click payments are a day-to-day occurrence with eCommerce and online subscriptions growing year on year. With over 300 alternative payment schemes in operations around the world, organizations need to understand what payment types to offer and support, which depends heavily on where their customers are and the type of service they offer.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Alternative Payments Methods

Gain an understanding of the alternative payment methods currently and emerging on the market to support online payments effectively. From bank transfers and mobile payments to wallets and SEPA, the payment sector is evolving and it is vital to understand what this means for businesses.

Considerations for Online Payments

In order to leverage the online customer effectively, organizations need to have the technology in place to support the market. Take a look at the different considerations to support payment services across omnichannel.

Implementing Increased Security

When dealing with payments of any kind, it is essential to offer a high level of security to protect the sensitive information of the customer and their payment details. Understand the role of PCI Compliance, encryption, and tokenization to provide enhanced security on online services.

Complete Customer View

As consumer demands continuously change, it is essential to be able to view all customers and understand their habits in a concise view. Platforms that offer a complete view of the customer lifecycle have become a real asset for companies adapting to consumer and market demands.