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Guide: OTT Subscriber Acquisition Strategies for a New Reality

OTT Subscriber Acquisition Strategies for a New Reality.

With traditional pay-TV subscriptions and broadcast viewer numbers falling away, particularly in the US, it would be easy to reach the conclusion that COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have accelerated our arrival at the tipping point where on demand and OTT become the dominant models for video entertainment consumption. The truth, however, is that the road ahead for OTT brands in an increasingly crowded and competitive market remains uncertain, with subscriber acquisition particularly challenging. This playbook covers crucial topics, including:

  1. Customer-centric approaches
  2. OTT monetization business models that work
  3. Innovative offers & incentives
  4. Engaging subscribers with tailored packages
  5. Removing payment friction
  6. Measure & optimize conversion