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Case study: Pay-TV Operator Launches OTT Service

Consumers’ appetite for video content is growing at an insatiable rate. With more devices and content available than ever before, it is no surprise that OTT streaming services are a major focus for those of us in the TV industry.

When Netflix announced it would arrive in the UK in 2012, Europe’s largest Pay-TV broadcaster launched a non-linear OTT service earlier in the same year to compete head-on, at the same time targeting a new type of consumer.

The operator, aware that launching a service that may compromise its highly successful satellite subscription business, carefully defined product bundles at price-points which enabled them to increase OTT subscriber numbers without affecting DTH churn rates.

The established and successful service offers new revenue streams from video content accessible across mobiles, tablets, TVs, games consoles, and PCs, with the ability to optimize and target a wide variety of new customer segments with a choice of different product bundles and offers. The operator can target both casual and price-conscious consumers with pay-as-you-go and low commitment one-month subscriptions, with much lower customer acquisition costs.

From their long-standing partnership with MPP Global, the Pay-TV operator made a straightforward decision to choose Subscription Management to support the launch of its IPTV services.

The Client said:

“The operator needed to provide a highly flexible and fully integrated, easy to use and accessible eCommerce service to its OTT offering. We are proud that once again, our solution has been the solution for an industry leader. Our reputation is borne of our business partners and we like to think we share the leading edge together.”