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Whitepaper: Publishers on the Move: Making the Most of the Tablet Economy

Publishers on the Move: Making the Most of the Tablet Economy.

Technology advances unabated and the quest for smaller, lighter, and more portable products has led us to the tablet. Users choosing the tablet to consume their content creates a variety of opportunities that publishers should learn to take advantage of.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Technological Opportunities

Merging the tablet into a larger strategy will be key to influencing consumers, especially when combined with multiple channels. This whitepaper teaches the differences between creating a native application for the tablet or going with web-based HTML5 apps.

Content Strategies

There are a variety of methods to present and package your content for tablet users; you can also add value by creating unique experiences for users.

Understanding Your Customer

A key consideration to strategies is knowing and understanding the customer. Tablets are becoming more common and readily available to both younger and mature users, making it important to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Commercial Models

The next step is to decide on a model to create a revenue stream. These can range from freemium models to subscription models or even micro-payment models. Find out what each entails in this whitepaper and which will suit your strategy best.