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eBook: Rethinking reader revenues – exploring alternative revenue streams for publishers

A guide to maximizing direct-to-consumer revenue through innovative product diversification & monetization strategies. 

Today more than half of publishers are experiencing static or falling page views across digital publications and subscription growth is stalling.  

In response, many are seeking new ways to drive revenue growth by engaging a broader demographic of subscribers, with a particular focus on younger, Gen-Z audiences and driving greater product relevance. 

For as many as 80% of publishers that means experimenting with new digital content formats – particularly digital audio and video. However, while the business case for video and other formats may be compelling, publishers must overcome real barriers if product diversification is to be a commercial success.  

In this guide, our publishing industry experts set out: 

The crucial role product diversification can play in driving renewed growth and loyalty. 

  • How legacy publishing technologies create barriers to innovation and growth – from elevated cost and complexity to disparate systems and siloed data. 
  • Strategies to drive renewed growth through new digital content formats, brought to life by success stories from across the industry. 
  • How modern, flexible subscription management systems enable these strategies – not just powering growth, but slashing complexity and cost, and delivering rich customer insight. 

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