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Whitepaper: Sizing Up Your Audience – Converting Free TV Customers To Pay TV Services

Sizing Up Your Audience: Converting Free TV Customers To Pay TV Services.

On-demand services have changed the way consumers watch TV – the path to converting free customers to paying ones has never been so tricky. Satellite and cable have led the way but streaming services change the balance.

What You’ll Learn in This Whitepaper

Why the Cloud?

Why are providers switching to the cloud for their TV distribution? Is it because the industry has moved from a ‘push’ basis to a ‘pull’ one where the consumers have control over what they watch and when they watch it?

What is OTT?

Over the top (OTT) content is pushing live television like a traditional satellite service to one side. Even IPTV is losing out. OTT creates a huge new potential revenue stream for providers – but challenges remain.

Key Challenges

What are the main challenges for the sector? In the whitepaper we look at the migration of subscribers to cloud models; how to measure consumer behaviour; monetization of digital services and maximizing returns on investment.


As a key part of the process, the whitepaper analyses some of the most important aspects of creating a suitable content monetization strategy. App or stream? Hard paywall or metered access?