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Whitepaper: Sports Brands

The sports industry and its relationship with fans have shifted and evolved in recent years. Fans now engage with their favorite sports in more meaningful ways. Sports organizations need to nurture and leverage long-term fan relationships, managing and engaging throughout the fan lifecycle.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

Managing the Fan Lifecycle

The loyalty and engagement that exists in sports is something other industries look to with envy. While the opportunities abound, there are several considerations organizations need to look to and develop to fully leverage them throughout the fan lifecycle.

Leveraging Fan Data

Within the sports industry, data provides that extra insight into building fan relationships. Without this insight, sports organizations cannot improve the fan user journey, optimize experiences, tailor products or create personalized fan-led services.

Fan Relationship Management

Fan relationship management is taking an even higher position on strategic agendas, beyond a brand’s traditional product and service offerings. A single fan view across all digital properties, coupled with retail, enables sports organizations to improve engagement between the business and its customers.

Maximize Conversions

What sports organizations need to understand is how to get fans to engage with the additional services on offer. Therefore, it is vital to promote a value exchange to entice fans to pay that little bit more to support their favorite team or club.