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The CFO paradox: Drowning in data, starved for insights

Are data issues holding back your AI success?

The age of AI and automation is in full swing but finance leaders are still struggling to unlock the true potential of these technologies. The issue: data, the fuel for these advancements, is often siloed and unreliable, hindering strategic decision-making.

This eBook explores the data quality and reliability issues CFOs face in building a data-driven finance function and the potential of Autonomous Finance to help Finance teams spend less time creating a picture of the business and more time interpreting it.

The eBook includes:

  • Findings from our recent Autonomous Finance benchmark survey of 1,700 finance leaders on data challenges and opportunities
  • The data practices of AI high performers
  • CFO optimism around data investments
  • Why Fynapse is a market leader in unlocking data for AI and automation

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