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Whitepaper: Challenges, Concepts & Opportunities

VOD: Challenges, Concepts & Opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a watershed moment for the publishing industry. In publishing group boardrooms worldwide, it solidified the view that digital subscriptions must sit at the heart of a strategic pivot to customer-centric business models. This eBook explores the opportunity for publishers, the barriers created by the technology investments of the past, and the opportunities that flow from a transition to agile, flexible subscription management technologies.

What You’ll Learn in This White Paper

Challenges of VOD

VOD presents publishers and content providers with many challenges if they want to maximize revenues. Engagement and interaction; localization; big data and customer relationship management (CRM); and infrastructure are among some of the big issues dealt with in the whitepaper.

How to Overcome

To deliver to consumers who are always connected, firms must move away from legacy systems and develop new ways to provide rich content on demand. How can sophisticated eCommerce and CRM platforms like Subscription Management play a role?

Centralizing CRM

To build strong relations and be able to deliver hyper-relevant content to consumers when they want it, a centralized CRM solution is essential. We look at how getting a complete view of customers is vital.

Case Studies

How have companies harnessed technology and new solutions to maximize revenues and returns? The whitepaper looks at some key examples across the industry, from technology like the Philips Smart TV to services like NOW TV.