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Webinar: How do insurers – From the hottest insurtechs to the enterprise players – level up

Climate change. Inflation. Demanding consumers. Regulation. M&A activity. Insurance looks nothing like it did a decade – or even five years ago.  

Amidst this changing industry, insurtechs, mid-market, and enterprise Insurers alike are investing in digital technologies to ‘level up’ and allow them to respond to market challenges, compliance requirements, and the pressure to drive profitable growth at a lower cost.

Against this backdrop, Insurance Post, in association with Aptitude Software, would like to invite you to a webinar where an expert panel will discuss how Insurers, each with their own unique technology landscapes, can use emerging technologies to manage the challenges of complying with complex regulation and focus on the prize of profitable growth.

  • Among the questions will we seek to answer are:
  • How mature is the insurtech sector and what unique challenge and opportunities are present?
  • What impact, if any, has the insurtech boom had on incumbents?
  • From regulatory compliance to wider socio-economic factors, what are the greatest barriers to growth?
  • How can insurers reduce complexities and focus on their core specialties?
  • Do insuretechs with no technological debt have an advantage?
  • Are current challenges greater for incumbents with technological debt; or just different?
  • How can partnerships/tie-ups between incumbent insurers and insurtechs help realize mutual growth objectives?
  • What advice would you give insurers seeking to go public at some point in the future?
  • What are some common compliance and regulatory pitfalls insurers encounter and how do they avoid them?