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Case study: Winnipeg Free Press

The Canadian newspaper industry is moving firmly into digital, with the accessibility of online news and the rising adoption of tablets and mobile devices playing a key role.

With more publishers monetizing digital content on their core websites, mobile sites, and apps to accommodate this change, Winnipeg Free Press aspired to develop an innovative model for consumers to access its premium content.

With the newspaper’s all-access subscribers only totaling 30% of its audience, the Free Press has the opportunity to target the remaining 70% following the launch of its ‘iTunes for news’ approach to content monetization.

Following extensive research, the Free Press saw an opportunity to monetize segments of its audience who were not already subscribers, leading to the development of a customer-centric model which offers a new revenue stream and features metered post-pay technology.

The Client said:

“With the new system, a reader would pay $4.05 for 15 articles per month, which is an amount we figure will compare favorably to other options from competing paid websites. Not only do we expect our overall digital revenue to increase 10 to 15 percent in 2015, but we are confident that our customer centric post-pay model will set us apart from our competitors.”


Christian Panson

VP of Digital, Winnipeg Free Press