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Subscriber & Product Management

Monetize any product or service and drive subscriber acquisition
Boost Subscriber Acquisition Rates
Maximize revenues by launching a range of recurring and transactional products, bundles, and incentives.
Optimize Subscriber Lifetime Value
Reward subscribers and deploy upsell opportunities to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).
Centralize Subscription Operations
Reduce cost-of-ownership (TCO) and streamline operations by centralizing products and subscribers.
Unleash Business Agility & Flexibility
Empower commercial teams to launch core and alternative revenue streams to market quickly and easily.
Harvest & Maximize First-party Data
Harvest and act on first-party data, tailor product propositions and offset ad revenue declines.

Harness Product & Pricing Flexibility

Build, deploy and optimize omnichannel products, bundles, and prices in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re operating a recurring, transactional or hybrid revenue model, our technology will streamline your commerce operations by centralizing all your omnichannel products and services in a unified, comprehensive product catalog. This consolidation will drastically increase operational efficiencies and reduce overheads by altering the way you work, empowering non-technical teams to experiment with product packaging, bundles (pre-defined or user-defined carts), product lists, prices, and add-on services, across multiple channels in a matter of minutes.


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Extensive Subscription Contract Configurability

Design comprehensive subscription plans that maximize revenues and offer choice for subscribers.

Craft tailored subscription plans for your audiences, offering choice, boosting engagement, and maximizing ARPU. Plans – the contract a subscriber enters – can be configured for each product to support single transactions (e.g., day pass, per-article, or video), recurring models (e.g., digital, or physical products) or grouped into a bundled purchase. Subscription plans are highly configurable, enabling commercial teams to create packages with various billing frequencies.

Across billing periods, subscriptions can be designed to store fixed, variable, or dynamic prices and various rules around renewals (rolling, fixed number, or end-date), lock-in periods, holiday allowances, grace periods, and payment types are supported, on a per-product basis.

Manage Access Control Rules & Content Metering

Configure paywall access control models which maximize the value of your products and services.

Effortlessly control access to content, products, and services, and determine how much you wish to display before prompting for a user action. We support multiple paywalls and access control options, including hard, metered, and hybrid models. Our meter can also be used for registration, survey, and social media walls.

Businesses can define rules via a drag-and-drop interface centered around usage-based criteria – a user action – such as the number of pages viewed, category, visitor location, or IP address. We then provide businesses with the control to trigger ‘consequences’ on the back of a user action, such as displaying a paywall, request registration, or display an offer.

Businesses can also benefit from our pre-integrated dynamic paywall partners to cater for more specific use cases and hyper-personalized subscription journeys that accelerate acquisition.

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Unify Entitlement & Fulfilment Management

Simplify and centralize the process of triggering digital entitlements and physical fulfilments.

Our rich entitlement and fulfilment capability provides ultimate flexibility to trigger access to products, bundles, and services – Across formats, devices, and domains quickly and easily, unleashing ultimate customer-led product personalization.

Our technology addresses the complexity for provisioning entitlements and fulfilments to access/receive traditional monthly or weekly subscriptions, in addition to time-based passes, per asset or per event (PPV). This enables commercial teams to customize and configure, to bundle, and unbundle content with great ease and flexibility, all reducing barriers to entry and maximizing customer engagement.

Incentivize Subscribers & Reward Loyalty

Increase acquisition, lifetime value, and retention with a range of promotions, trials, and vouchers.

Attract and engage customers with highly targeted, data-led marketing campaigns to encourage users to convert into paying subscribers. Experiment and innovate at every stage of the subscriber acquisition journey, by building and distributing a variety of incentives, from free trials to percentage discounts, low start offers to gifts, and circulate them online/offline using voucher codes.

Eliminate guesswork and enable marketing teams to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through data. Easily demonstrate ROI, share performance with stakeholders, or integrate into third-party systems to gain a single, centralized view of your marketing efforts.

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Frictionless Subscriber Onboarding & Payment Journeys

Optimize conversion rates with frictionless registration, authentication, and payment journeys.

Converting anonymous users into paying subscribers is typically the number one objective for any subscription business. We like to think of this as a value exchange between end-users and your business, for example, giving end-users a voucher code in return for them registering, or a free trial in exchange for adding their payment details.

We enable businesses to create highly tailored subscriber registration, payment, and self-service flows to collect mandatory and custom first-party data. Frictionless journeys can also be developed utilizing modern authentication methods such as single or social sign-on, or through a range of emerging one-click payment methods, such as Apple Pay or Direct Carrier Billing.

Empower, Manage & Support Subscribers Effortlessly

Enable subscribers and support teams to manage accounts, orders, and subscriptions with ease

Most consumers today expect and prefer self-service; it’s convenient, quick, and doesn’t require human interaction. By enabling subscribers to control their entire subscription experience, support overheads can be drastically reduced. We empower subscribers to manage every aspect of their subscription, including their account and payment details, orders and deliveries, subscription contracts, and even value-add such as device management, upgrades/downgrades, and promotional offers.

There are subscribers who prefer MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) transactions and appreciate human customer support as well as the ability to place orders over the phone. We have a highly comprehensive user support portal which, is not only the central hub to manage your subscription business, but it also provides a single, centralized view of the subscribers, such as their personal and payment details, entitlements/fulfilments, support logs, orders, and refund management.


Centralize your revenue KPIs

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Recurring & Transactional Models
Product, Bundling & Contract Management
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Digital & Physical Product Catalog
Identity, Subscriber & Order Management
Promotions, Vouchers & Trials
Subscriber Self-care & Support Tools
Pause/Upgrade/Downgrade Subscriptions
Metered Access Control & Decisioning
Entitlement & Fulfilment Management
First-party Data Collection
Extensive Payment Method Reach
Single & Social Sign-on Authentication
Design Subscriptions that Convert
Benefit from flexibility to craft tailored products, bundles, and prices
Bundle Entitlements and Fulfilments
Centralize digital and physical product offerings within a single solution
Compose Marketing Campaigns
Launch marketing incentives, trials, and vouchers to boost acquisition
Launch Frictionless Payment Journeys
Create bespoke subscriber registration, payment, and self-care journeys
Harvest & Act on First-party Data
Collect custom first-party data and progressively profile subscribers
Empower Subscribers to Self-Serve
Give subscribers ultimate control to manage their account and subscription

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