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Subscription Data & Compliance

Unlock your subscription business data and manage compliance obligations
Access Your Subscription Business Data
Identify revenue opportunities, gain business insight, and drive operational efficiencies
Empower Teams with Data
Provide teams with actionable data to make informed decisions and operational enhancements
Reduce Compliance Obligations
Reduce cost, resource, and complexity of managing compliance responsibilities and burdens
Create a Best-of-Breed Ecosystem
Feed your subscription business data through your tech stack to get enhance performance
Enterprise-grade Performance
Store and access your data with enterprise security and resilience to cope with peak demand

Digital Transformation Through Data

Implement a robust data strategy that informs, connects & surfaces data across your subscription business

Businesses are embracing data to help transform and make strategic decisions based on quantitative evidence. In subscriptions, this might mean accessing subscriber behavioral, transactional, or usage data to inform direction. However, data is often siloed across multiple systems and business functions, in different formats and readiness. Therefore, it is important to leverage technology that centralizes data in a single, secure cloud repository, which surfaces data it in real-time.

While data can be used for strategic planning purposes, it also plays a significant role in tactical operations, particularly when shared across various business functions. For example, empowering finance teams to access, query, visualize and analyze performance data, or informing marketing teams about promotions, packages, and pricing. Data is therefore essential for business transformation, streamlining operations, and expanding recurring revenues.


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Subscription Data at Your Fingertips

Consolidate disparate data from multiple silos and securely access through productized interfaces

We recognize the value and importance of data availability for our clients to create and learn from actionable insight. Our open data framework enables businesses to not only access data but to easily export and integrate our solutions with other third-party technologies to create a best-of-breed ecosystem and single view of all business data. Real-time access to key business data is provided through various interfaces such as APIs, webhooks, reports, analytics, or via our data lake as a service.

Reduce Payment Processing Security Overheads

Implement bank-grade payment security controls to store, process and transmit payment data

Remove the business risk and expense of storing sensitive subscriber payment information. We are Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, meaning we can securely process, store, and transmit payment data on behalf of our clients, drastically reducing business obligations, cost and specialist resources.

This level of security means you can be assured that Aptitude Software is a name to trust and why the world’s most successful enterprise subscription companies rely on us to deliver their subscription management, billing, and payment services.


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Unify & Protect Subscriber Personal Data

Protect your subscribers’ personally identifiable information (PII) through strict data protection processes

Many subscription businesses rely on customer data to operate, market, and tailor their products & services, whether they store and process this data themselves or depend on a third-party vendor. As with all businesses, data protection and compliance (e.g., GDPR) is an essential operational process that must be held at the highest regard to protect subscribers Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This includes technology companies providing mandatory functionality such as marketing opt-out/in, customer verification, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and a clear audit trail.

As a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant technology provider, we operate bank-grade data protection practices which provide a framework for all other data protection standards within our highly secure cloud solution.

Progressively Profile & Collect Custom Data

Capture a range of first-party data through customized subscriber journeys to tailor propositions

While the death of the cookie represents a disruptive threat to those companies reliant on advertising revenues, it is also an opportunity to re-invigorate their business model with an emphasis on direct-to-consumer revenues through subscriptions.

Subscription companies are in a fortunate position, at the coalface of the subscriber lifecycle and are uniquely placed to harvest and act on range of subscriber data captured initially or progressively. This may include mandatory data for registration and payment purposes, as well as custom first-party data to build a richer subscriber profile; informing product propositions and user experience while developing a harmonious relationship with advertisers who may become reliant on customer data platforms.

With our subscription technology, you can capture a wealth of mandatory, first-party, behavioral, and usage-based data to enhance the subscriber experience, shape products, and drive sustainable growth based on deeper connections with customers.

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Best-of-Breed Partner Network

Over the past two decades, we have formed strategic partnerships with other leading technology solutions to help our clients achieve a world-class, scalable tech stack. This approach enables our clients access a wealth of expertise, and thought leadership, and rapidly launch pre-integrated solutions that are experienced in transforming subscription businesses.

We partner with a diverse set of advanced technology providers including strategic consultants, technology system integrators, and product partners to deliver best-of-breed combined value, innovative enterprise technology, and a hyper-focus on growing subscription business revenues.

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Open Data Framework
Specialist Partner Integrations
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Extensive RESTful API
Data Lake Service
Webhooks & Event Notifications
Pre-built Reports & Analytics
PCI-DSS Level 1
PSD2: SCA (3D Secure v2)
GDPR Data Protection
ASC606 & IFRS15
SOC1 & 2
Aggregate All Subscription Business Data
Consolidate all your subscriber, revenue & financial data in a single solution
Out-of-the-box Reports & Analytics
Generate reports that delivers the right data, to the right person, at the right time
Automate Event-based Processes
Configure processes to trigger event-based data throughout the subscriber lifecycle
Centralize Data Compliance Needs
Centralize & simplify your payment, subscriber, and financial compliance needs
Collect & Store First-party Data
Increase relevance & accuracy of product propositions by leveraging first-party data
Access Best-of-Breed Integrations
Benefit from a range of pre-integrated specialist partners to achieve your tech goals

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