Solution Management Services (SMS)

Your Aptitude solution in the hands of our experts
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Maximize ROI
Evolve your solution to continue unlocking value
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One team invested in the long-term success of the solution
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Experts in finance, technology, and your configured solution
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Reduce Cost
Reduce resource requirements and total cost of ownership

SMS Assure

SMS Assure provides post-go-live services that go beyond standard product support to proactively triage, manage, upgrade, and optimize a client’s specifically configured solution. The goal of SMS Assure is to drive maximum return on technology investment by making sure the solution stays current to evolve with business change and deliver maximum value.

Delivering these services is the Aptitude SMS team, a group of experienced IT and Finance professionals located across North America, London, and Poland who bring a combination of Aptitude product expertise and deep knowledge of your uniquely configured solution.


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What’s included?

SMS Assure covers the support of configurable aspects of your solution.

SMS Strateguc Foresight Icon
Reactive issue investigation beyond out-of-the-box product functionality
Continual service improvement
SMS expertise icon
Upgrade support including impact analysis, recommended testing and review of results
Performance monitoring and tuning
Investigation of source system and product interface issues
SMS Smart Compliance Icon
System health monitoring across defined client KPIs
Capacity management to plan for growth
SMS focus icon
Quarterly service reviews
Full managed service
Upgrade responsibility
Audit liason and reports
Reconfiguring for growth
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