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Of mice and complex software engines

February 26, 2015
Posted by Sarah Werner

If you take a basic, wheel-based mouse, not only are there at least 10 raw materials which go into the structure of the device, each with a different manufacturing process, the electronic components are often each as complex as the device itself. The creation of a mouse requires oil to be turned into plastic and injection molded, metal to be smelted, circuit boards to be designed and printed and the device itself to be constructed, programmed and tested; all with extreme precision.

The same applies to writing software; ignoring the complexities of making some form of computer for it to run on, the creation of an application combines a large number of different disciplines and skills

Traditional software development

Platforms like iOS and Android try to make this process as straightforward as possible, with tools like Xcode allowing coding, visualizing and testing in a single environment. For most enterprises, however, creating an application is nowhere near as simple and generally has just as much complexity as it takes to build a mouse from scratch.

The major ERP providers have created the illusion of simplicity by grouping together acquired technologies under single brand names, but customizing packaged software offerings is known to require different skill sets altogether. Companies are often left with a complex disarray of applications, add-ons and upgrades which each require different skills to adapt and inevitably work together less and less efficiently over time.

A single platform for application development

That’s where Aptitude Software has always been proud to be different. Our Aptitude platform is used to create applications, ready to plug into your existing environment, but without the usual complexity of developing enterprise software. The Aptitude platform uses a single interface to manage database integration, application logic and front-end interactions to create complex, powerful applications. This means you can alter logic, change data sources or report differently with transparency into how your software works.

We provide a platform that enables your people to make the wires, the case, the mechanics and the electronics of the mouse so you understand how it works and how to improve it with time.

Find out more about the Aptitude platform or just get in touch and we’ll happily walk you through it.

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Sarah Werner
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