Specialist financial management applications


Big data processing applications designed to deliver big results

Aptitude Software, as a finance specialist, offers a range of high performance software solutions to help CFOs, controllers and other business leaders achieve financial insight, control and transparency at unprecedented scale and depth.

  • Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine

    Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine

    Efficiently address the new leasing standard (IFRS 16/ASC 842)

    The Aptitude Lease Accounting Engine offers the data capture and complex accounting capabilities you need to comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 while allowing you to retain your current lease administration systems for minimal disruption and maximum accounting compliance.

  • Aptitude Accounting Hub

    Aptitude Accounting Hub

    Transform financial, management and statutory accounting. Put business users in control of accounting rules, speed up close processes and give finance a golden source of reconciled data.

    The Aptitude Accounting Hub includes a powerful multi-currency accounting engine to generate multi-GAAP accounting, a data standardization layer to integrate granular transactional data and an accounting sub-ledger to support drill down from the GL to journal lines and underlying transactions.

  • Aptitude RevStream

    Aptitude RevStream

    Modernize your revenue recognition beyond compliance with a flexible, cloud-based revenue management financial software tool. Automate revenue recognition and then analyze by transaction, product, region and more.

    In September 2017, Aptitude Software acquired RevStream, a market leading enterprise revenue lifecycle management company. Bringing RevStream into the Aptitude family extends our position as a leading provider of revenue recognition solutions and expands our portfolio with cloud-based revenue management in technology, software, media and other verticals.

  • IFRS 17 Solution

    IFRS 17 Solution

    The Aptitude IFRS 17 Solution enables leading insurance teams to achieve compliance efficiently, attain market best practices, reduce project costs and risks, and plug holes in finance IT architectures.

    The solution embeds IFRS 17 processes such as insurance contract portfolio management and P&L attribution; incorporates ‘out-of-the-box’ insurance data models and accounting templates and leverages Aptitude Software's proven, packaged operational accounting components.

  • Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine

    Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine

    Efficiently address new IASB and FASB revenue recognition requirements (IFRS 15 / ASC 606). Gives large enterprises access to the detailed contract-level processing and a system for applying your accounting policy to billing data by allocating revenue (and costs) over time with least system disruption and change.

    The Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine is the first product on the market, already enabling leading firms to address new rules. Proven to address over 100+ revenue recognition scenarios, while empowering finance teams to achieve value beyond compliance.

  • Aptitude Allocation Engine™

    Aptitude Allocation Engine™

    Enable data-driven strategic decision making from the most detailed fact base to unlock answers about the profitability of customers, products, channels and other granular dimensions.

    The Aptitude Allocation Engine provides flexible interfaces to set-up and quickly apply rules to allocate cost and revenue. Business users can easily link rules and calculations to transaction-level data and model what-if scenarios with full audit and drill down. The Aptitude platform's processing performance helps you to uncover detailed insights at speed.

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