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Where do your royalties lie?

September 22, 2014
Posted by Sarah Werner

You may or may not have heard of Victor Willis but chances are you’ve heard of the band, The Village People. In the late 1970’s, Victor co-wrote many of their hits such as “YMCA” and “Macho Man.”  After parting ways with the band in 1980, it seemed unlikely a case against the publishers and owners of the band’s music would recapture any of Willis’ lost royalties.

However, in a landmark case in May 2012, the U.S District Court of California ruled that Willis was eligible to reclaim 33% of his songs – an outcome that has left many publishing companies fearful of further historical claimants.

The music industry continues to become more and more complicated. With new broadcast mediums and ways to buy and share music, royalty management solutions have to ensure fast, accurate payments and reporting that satisfy not only customers and licensees but regulators as well.

However, many companies rely on a series of patched legacy systems and departmentally specific spread sheets for their royalty management, leaving organizations at risk.  The Aptitude Royalty Calculation Engine enables the efficient implementation of royalty and revenue management systems to account for revenue share agreements, residuals, rebates and accruals.  We help organizations across multiple industries – all with high volume, complex transactions – to reduce the cost and risk of managing royalties.

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Sarah Werner
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