Streamline Royalty Calculations

Efficiently manage contracts & calculations to ensure royalties, rights, rebates and revenue shares are accounted for accurately

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Why use the Aptitude Royalty Calculation Engine?

  • Overcome the challenges of paying royalties for IP usage, complex rebates and revenue shares
  • Take control of your accounting and revenue management
  • Perfect for digital service providers and revenue share organizations with complex or high volume, low margin business models

Who is this for?

Organizations in a range of industries from digital media to life sciences and high-tech are faced with the challenge of paying royalties for IP usage or complex rebates and revenue shares. Record companies, for example, need to make sure artists, collection societies and other intermediaries across the supply chain are paid accurately and on-time. For many, this is a major P&L line item and true operational challenge not catered to by their packaged software offerings or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Media example – Streamline the digital supply chain

Aptitude Royalties Calculation Engine

The Aptitude Royalty Calculation Engine is designed to help leading enterprises quickly create custom royalty management and revenue share systems.

What makes the Aptitude approach unique?

  • 100% fit to requirement: build rules based systems that meet your unique requirements and business model rather than adapting processes to meet the limitations of existing software
  • Transaction processing performance: The Aptitude Royalty Calculation Engine takes advantage of the Aptitude platform’s big data processing capabilities and is able to process hundreds of millions of transactions per day
  • Domain expertise: Aptitude Software is a board member of DDEX, the consortium of leading digital media companies setting the standard for the digital media supply chain. Our software serves some of the world’s largest royalty management applications.
  • Leverage investment in big data processing infrastructure: the Aptitude Royalty Calculation Engine uses in-database and in-memory processing to take advantage of the data handling performance of leading data warehouses and the speed of Aptitude platform processing.
  • Build for the future: The Aptitude solution is designed to put business users in control of business rules, making it possible to adapt accounting and revenue management logic without undue IT intervention.



What is it?

  • Flexibility to meet your unique requirements and business model
  • Maximise processing speed with in-database and in-memory processing
  • Gain a consolidated view of IP performance
  • Manage reconciliation of invoice details, claims and settlements
  • Calculate complex royalty and revenue share agreements across millions of transactions
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