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Driving digital revenue growth

How L’Équipe launched an innovative online content strategy with Aptitude eSuite

Client: L’Équipe
Solution: eSuite
Industry: Publishing
Challenges: Diversifying revenue streams, adapting to changing consumer habits, improving subscriber management

Results delivered​

300,000+ accounts reached within 3 years

100+ offers to engage, acquire and retain customers

L’Équipe can now test different trial periods to improve subscription and conversion rates 

Increased non-advertising revenues with new offers and product types

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Improved subscriber management through the rollout of product bundles, price elasticity testing, and gifting options

Increased cross-sell and upsell ability

In their own words​

This project is a significant move for L’Équipe as we continue to grow revenues outside of advertising. Using Aptitude’s eSuite, we are breaking the mold of traditional legacy subscription business models by empowering our customers, diversifying our product and developing relationships with both engaged and casual readers to ultimately drive subscriptions.

Christina Terrier

Director of Subscriptions & Paid Content, L’Équipe


L’Équipe, France’s dedicated sports newspaper, recognized the need to adapt to evolving consumer habits and diversify their revenue streams but to do so they needed a subscription management platform that could support their vision.

With mobile and tablet content consumption increasing, they set out to launch an online content strategy and adapt their digital service offering. Project requirements included the ability to create monthly subscriptions, accommodate a broad variety of payment options, enable content agility and support promotions and voucher codes.


L’Équipe chose to implement eSuite, Aptitude’s Subscription Management solution, to manage all digital products and offers, engaging consumers throughout their journey, from registration to payment and consumption. 

Since the launch of its innovative strategy, L’Équipe has achieved significant growth across its digital services. With eSuite, they’ve tested various trial periods and offers to increase conversions and diversified their product range to engage a new demographic of readers. They’ve also achieved advanced subscription management operations and developed various gifting options.

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