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Increasing subscription retention and recovery

How The Irish Times implemented subscription technology and churn management capabilities

Client: The Irish Times
Solution: eSuite
Industry: Publishing
Challenges: Subscription management, churn

Results delivered​

136,000+ digital and home delivery subscribers

975,000 weekly readers

58 million monthly page views

3.5% → 1.1%  weekly readers’ involuntary churn rate

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Flexible and tailored pricing

Consistent user experience

In their own words​

We are delighted with the success of the digital strategy and are excited to see how our relationship with Aptitude will support us as we continue to innovate along with the changing demands of audiences and their reading habits.

Derek Wilson

Technology Director, The Irish Times


The Irish Times, a widely-read Irish newspaper with a daily reach of 534,000 readers in print and online, aimed to capitalize on its digital audience and boost revenues.

Their goals included attracting new subscribers, implementing a customer-centric system, managing churn effectively through retention technology and monetizing digital readers alongside print subscribers.


Powered by eSuite, The Irish Times adopted a metered paywall model, granting non-subscribers limited access to articles while providing subscribers with access to print, mobile, and digital content.

This approach established a centralized platform for customer data management, pricing optimization and a seamless user experience. Key features included centralized customer information storage, attracting new subscribers through voucher codes, enhancing subscriber retention via eSuite’s churn-reducing capabilities and enabling monetization across both print and digital platforms within a unified system.

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