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Finance 4.0

Bringing the financial functions into the 4th Revolution
September 23, 2021 09.00 - April 24, 2021

Finance transformation is not an easy process and it brings in a lot of change. There is a shift in leadership functions and the responsibilities of CFOs. How to lead the team that runs the transformation, how to monitor the transformation process and be more efficient in decision-making – the questions the CFOs are facing these days.

The transformation itself seeks for tailored solutions for simplification. Costs reduction is always the main target for transformation and technology is there to operationalize frequent processes such as clients/suppliers’ portfolios management, cash management, inventory management, general accounting.

Depending on a company´s profile simplification could lead to either operationalizing specific processes or standardizing the process by centralizing it. Over those 2 days conference, we will address some major main topics such as changing leadership, optimizing business processes , cash flow and tech solutions for finance transformation.

Harry Hibbert
Regional Vice President, EMEA, Aptitude Software

Harry has 10 years’ experience working across EMEA and North America selling packaged finance solutions to the CFO office. Harry is currently Regional Vice President for EMEA at Aptitude Software having spent the past 7 years providing CFO’s with an answer to the regulatory catalysts of IFRS 15, IFRS 16, IFRS 9 and more recently IFRS 17.

Although Harry sees compliance as a driver for change, the concept of value beyond compliance and providing CFO’s with a granular and holistic view of their organization is something the Aptitude team specialise in and we look forward to discussing at the event.

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