Accounting Policy Change Solutions

Four major accounting changes are here. Are you ready?

Waves of new accounting standards are significantly changing the accounting for everything from contracts with customers to lease contracts to long duration insurance contracts. These standards all challenge CFO’s to deliver significant increases in financial control and accounting detail at the contract level.


Accounting Policy Change Solutions

New accounting standards are significantly changing the way organizations account for everything from contracts with customers to lease contracts to long duration insurance contracts.

Many industries, including banking, telecommunications and insurance are impacted by multiple accounting standards – all with different requirements and effective dates – but all driving accounting off contract scenarios.  Complexity increases for global organizations who must take into account multiple GAAPs and their unique requirements.

At Aptitude Software, we have been helping companies address accounting change for 20 years. Our built for purpose, packaged solutions work within your existing finance architecture to bring together required information, perform complex calculations, generate detailed accounting from business or contract events and provide the information required for disclosure, forecasting and financial management – no matter how stringent the requirements.

Aptitude Software delivers the full suite of specialist accounting solutions to address regulatory changes.





























We hope to bring our years of accounting policy change experience to help you and your organization tackle IFRS / FASB changes. Email us at to set up an introductory discussion.

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