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Guide: A detailed look at Insurance industry KPIs in a post-IFRS 17 world

IFRS 17 is one of the most complex regulations to hit the Insurance Industry. With an effective date of January 2023 most insurers are now in parallel or UAT stage and looking to simulate and forecast their IFRS 17 results based on various scenarios and interpretations to determine optimal results.

These optimal results will impact existing Insurance business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and introduce the need for new ones. The existing metrics such as AoP, CoR, GWP, NAV etc. will all have to be adjusted to consider IFRS 17. Equally, new measures such as the CSM, CSM + NAV, Insurance Contract Revenue will become relevant.

Download this White Paper to take a detailed look at the impact that IFRS 17 will have on the insurance business KPIs in a post IFR17 world.


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