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 Rapid software development in an enterprise application platform.

Rapid software development in an enterprise application platform.

The Aptitude platform empowers leading enterprises to rapidly build data-driven software systems.

The Aptitude platform empowers enterprises to deploy big data processing technologies to drive their businesses forward.

The Aptitude platform has long been used by enterprise teams to efficiently build business-critical software systems and to drive their businesses forward.

Our customers operate in many different industries and include:

  • One of the world’s biggest credit card providers uses the Aptitude platform to streamline the control and subledger processing of hundreds of millions of daily transactions, integrating data silos, providing consistent enriched accounting into a new system that provides more powerful customer profitability analysis.
  • A leading digital media company deployed the Aptitude platform to build a royalty calculation engine that reconciles the numerous revenue streams flowing from millions of digital sales to ensure record companies, artists and other intermediaries’ royalties are properly accounted for and paid promptly.
  • A prominent Northern European bank uses the Aptitude platform to integrate data from across divisions (mortgages, retail banking, loans, etc), perform detailed calculations and forecasts to rapidly deliver rich reporting to a broad range of stakeholders.

Aptitude platform 20 helps enterprise leaders make a better business case for big data.

Innovative companies understand that being truly data-driven is no longer optional. Those that can access big data technologies can reduce costs, make better strategic decisions and – ultimately – gain true competitive advantage. But, getting value from technologies such as Apache Hadoop in conjunction with other technologies has been the preserve of a handful of modern-day data alchemists.

Aptitude platform version 20 provides in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop processing removing the barriers to apply big data technologies in operational business systems across the existing and new enterprise.

Aptitude Software has partnered with leading technology vendors including Teradata, IBM, Cloudera, Oracle, and SAP in order to ensure Aptitude-built business applications can integrate data from and leverage the processing power of these systems in one seamless enterprise application environment.

The Aptitude platform acts a bridge between your existing infrastructure and powerful new big data-processing technologies.

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At a glance

  • Comprehensive technology stack to reduce the cost and complexity of application development and change
  • Uses big data technologies including in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop processing for high-performance, transparent and agile applications
  • Empowers business users to control business rules and processes
  • Integrates and augments data and systems, leveraging existing infrastructure including data warehouses, RDBMS, and ERP
  • Proven as a platform to rapidly address a range of business requirements for data-driven software systems that facilitates rapid change, control and insight
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Case studies

  • ISS meets compliance deadline with high lease volumes

    With just six months to go before the IFRS 16 reporting deadline, ISS had an extremely tight timeline to select and implement a lease accounting solution. In addition to having to support over 20,000 leases – the solution also had to support many different lease types, dozens of currencies, over 150 entities and hundreds of users.

  • Leading Hong Kong insurer transforms finance while complying with IFRS 17 & 9

    A rapidly growing Asian insurer needed to comply with IFRS 17 and
    IFRS 9 using a solution that their finance and actuarial teams could
    understand and own. The solution also had to support their finance
    transformation efforts by delivering a group subledger and supporting
    an upgraded general ledger and a new actuarial system.

  • Top 5 UK Bank reduces cost and complexity by progressively transforming finance with a scalable platform.

    For the Bank’s head of Finance Business Architecture, the question was, “how do we transform systems to enhance accounting functionality while reducing costs?” Aptitude Software answered with a flexible, scalable set of solutions to standardize accounting policy, increase financial control & transparency and support a move towards a cloud General Ledger.

  • Large Global Reinsurer tackles complex accounting and reporting requirements.

    With a business that had grown and evolved faster than the finance IT architecture, the organization was struggling to streamline the policy valuation process and support complex accounting and reporting requirements. Aptitude Software was chosen to support the organization’s need for a calculation engine and a centralized accounting hub in direct competition with one of the world’s largest technology providers.