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eSuite drives revenue up and costs down for Aschendorff Group

Client: Aschendorff Group
Solution: eSuite
Industry: Publishing
Challenges: Transition to digital publications, high cost of legacy systems 

Results delivered​

Massive reduction in operational costs

Ability to launch new price points, contracts and offers in minutes

Supports print and digital subscription management in one platform

Deep integration between eSuite and third-party providers like BDL, Forward Publishing, Livingdocs and other surrounding solutions

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Better access to insights from customer data

Flexible, best-of-breed product to support innovation and business change

In their own words​

We expect eSuite to have a dramatic, positive impact on our revenue growth while reducing our operational costs dramatically. And the best thing: We reduce our time to market with new products by 97% – with a tremendous effect on both image and profit.

Sascha Krollmann

Head of B2C, Aschendorff Group


Aschendorff Group needed more flexibility to develop and experiment with their brands, products and services in order to futureproof revenue and engage younger audiences. They needed to replace costly legacy systems with an innovative, flexible subscription management platform that would allow them to grow their digital business, safeguard existing print revenues and reduce operational costs. 


To meet their project goals, Aschendorff Group selected eSuite, a subscription management solution used by multiple publishers in the DACH region and known for its expertise and focus on media and entertainment.   

Out of the box, eSuite supports all common business models for the publishing market. Aschendorff Verlag now has complete control of all aspects of customers, subscriptions, products and offers via the eSuite HQ back office management console. This includes bundle configuration, product pricing, multi-currency, entitlements, discounts, descriptions, images, and renewal frequencies. 

We’re working with multiple German publishers. Book a demo to learn how eSuite can help you!