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Revenue recognition accounting scenarios

Proven to support 250+ global telecom scenarios

Aptitude Software has worked closely with the big four advisors and leading telecoms providers (across NA and EMEA) to incorporate the full range of revenue recognition scenarios into Aptitude RRE.

Revenue Recognition Features

 Selected scenarios include:

  • Advance or arrears billing
  • Bundles and unbundling
  • Variable pricing and corporate discounting
  • Delayed discounts (which represent material rights)
  • Upgrade options (which represent material rights)
  • B2B enterprise arrangements
  • Income suppression and bad debt write-offs
  • Collectability risk and provisions
  • Timing differences (income recognition vs. billing)
  • Overlap with estimated billing accruals/deferrals
  • Guarantee liabilities for financing

A whole range of situations, scenarios and templates are included in the product:

Revenue Recognition Table