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Revenue recognition software features

Achieve full IFRS 15 / ASC 606 compliance

Aptitude Software and the five-step process:

Revenue recognition software Process Table

The Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine provides a complete solution for compliance as well as the expertise to minimise the complexity of a wider project in data preparation and integration with existing systems. Below is a brief summary of the solution’s features and capabilities. For more detailed information please contact us or request a demo.

Revenue Recognition Engine Core Features

  • Define, apply and control revenue recognition rules with intuitive business user interfaces
  • Full suite of telecommunication products lifecycle and IFRS 15 accounting events available ‘out-of-the-box’
  • Ability to combine accounting events to support contract components as material rights, terminations or others
  • Support for accruals, deferrals and write-offs
  • Users can control the specific posting pattern to ensure the correct journals are generated
  • Process millions of calculations per hour, giving users visibility into impact of recognition policy and revenue forecasts
  • Easily connect with existing finance infrastructure, including SAP & Oracle ERPs, general ledgers or accounting middle ware
  • Output delta figures or debit/credits
  • Rules-based integration layer enabling finance to control data collection and preparation
  • Data model covering all revenue, cost and commissions data

Contract Management

  • Support for contract-by-contract or portfolio/aggregation approaches
  • Link disparate performance obligations to assemble whole single contracts
  • Calculate stand-alone selling prices and integrate fair value data
  • Transaction prices can be absolute amounts or parameter based such as customer usage