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Aptitude Software customer M1 achieves IFRS 15 compliance ahead of schedule

M1 selected ARRE to achieve compliance in a way that minimized disruptions to core systems & operations, supported a fast financial close process and could be implemented in time to allow them to run the new system in parallel with their legacy system to ensure a smooth transition. Now they are ready to achieve compliance ahead of the deadline – read more.

Top US Telecommunications organization leads Finance IT modernization while complying with a new regulatory standard.

Spending too much time on manual data integration and accounting tasks was preventing the finance department from adding more strategic value.  A flexible, high-performance solution combining the Aptitude Accounting Hub and the Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine will allow this organization to support complex accounting, business innovation and compliance with the revenue recognition standard (IFRS 15 / ASC 606). Read the case study.

Elisa, Finland’s market-leading mobile operator, selects ARRE

Elisa joins a growing list of global organizations to select ARRE, the most packaged and mature product for telecommunications operators. The product addresses telecom CFO’s requirements with lowest risk and timescales, makes the least impact to existing systems and is supported by Aptitude Software’s deep accounting expertise. (press release)

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“Going with Aptitude Software was the right choice.  We have spent so much time defining accounting policy and identifying data, we would not have had time to build an accounting engine.”

Large US Telco and Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine client