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Aptitude Software offers a one-stop shop for digital finance covering royalty management, revenue recognition and financial insight

Digital media & entertainment businesses are not easy to run.

Connecting consumers, digital service providers and content suppliers is a complex job, business models and systems requirements change all the time.

Aptitude Software provides leading digital media and entertainment firms with software on which to drive their businesses forward. We offer a one-stop-shop for digital finance, covering royalty management, revenue recognition and financial insight.

Aptitude Software’s royalty management solution empowers leading digital media stores to accurately account for and report on rights, royalties and revenue shares to hundreds of thousands of songwriters, music publishers and artists. Our software platform has enabled one of the world’s leading digital music stores to build a designed-for-purpose system in 40% less time than allocated time and budget.

The Aptitude™ platform empowers our customers to rapidly change rules and models. In the digital media space, this is very important as rights contracts, business models and content usage change constantly.

Aptitude Software delivers systems that fit each players unique business models and positions in the digital media supply chain, while being quick to deploy and easy to adapt. In this market, software needs to

  • Reduce costs by streamlining complex business processes
  • Keep an eye on the money: implement finance and operational systems that are as sharp as customer interfaces
  • Drive data-driven decision making
  • Improve flexibility and agility: address changing customer needs quickly
  • Empower both business and IT stakeholders

Aptitude Software for Digital Media & Entertainment

  • Packaged solution framework to streamline royalties, rights, revenue share, rebates and residuals management processes
  • Deploy a cutting edge development platform to build and run new software systems, helping you to achieve the speed of deployment of packaged software solutions while maintaining the level of control that comes with building software in-house
  • Over ten years’ of experience working with leading industry players; Aptitude Software was the only software provider on the board of DDEX for five years
  • Ability to rapidly process hundreds of millions of transactions per hour to address the requirements of the most demanding digital media & entertainment businesses

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Example use case


The world’s leading digital media company needed to pay rights holders accurately and quickly. Providing accurate, timely reporting on media usage was critical to earning the buy-in of media providers. The media company could also not afford to make mistakes: the royalties were being calculated for hundreds of thousands of daily downloads and tens of thousands of sales invoices. Packaged software was neither flexible enough to accommodate the firms’ unique product offerings and commercial agreements nor powerful enough to process their volume of calculations.


Using the royalty management solution from Aptitude Software, the client streamlined the process of calculating royalty payments and posting accruals. The Aptitude platform-based software system integrates sales invoices, validates rights ownership, and posts payments and accruals.

Delivering a system to reconcile sales with rights holding was difficult due to the sheer volume of ever-changing contracts. The Aptitude software solution is unique as it provides the customer the ability to upgrade and manage royalty payment and validation rules without IT intervention.


Aptitude Software’s customer was able to implement the designed-for-purpose royalty management application in 40% of the projected time and cost. The system processes hundreds of thousands of monthly sales invoices and makes payments against tens of millions of rights contracts.