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Healthcare payers and providers are using data in smarter ways to keep patients AND the bottom-line healthy. By connecting quality and cost data leading healthcare CFOs are working to understand true cost of care.


Customizable finance solutions allow healthcare payers and providers to better use information to make data driven decisions affecting every aspect of the business.


Imagine a large organization with over 100 hospitals that can finally see a holistic view of company performance with the ability to drill into the performance of a single hospital with the click of a button.  Or a healthcare insurance company that uses its prolific financial, clinical and operational data from across the company to better understand which products best serve customers and where resources can be best spent.

In the healthcare industry, data has always been prevalent. However the tools used to manage financial data are no longer sufficient. To survive and thrive, healthcare organizations need more transparency and control over their data and the calculations they run to understand their own performance.

Aptitude Software for Healthcare

Use one of our flexible solutions designed to streamline accounting & reporting processes, meet new regulatory requirements faster, allocate shared services cost or provide a detailed view of the cost and profitability of service lines. Or use our Aptitude™ platform, which allows your team to develop high-performant, customized business-critical software systems leveraging structured and unstructured data from across the organization.

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Example use case


Using multiple General Ledgers as the primary data source for reporting and analytical requests was insufficient as it was impossible to get accurate, enterprise wide data that was detailed enough for reporting and regulatory requirements.


The Aptitude™ Accounting Hub allowed the organization to integrate, standardize and maintain detailed balance information within a finance-controlled, “books & records” quality environment. Aggregated balances were stored in the General Ledger which tied to a detailed sub-ledger for easy drill down to substantiate balances and to a finance data warehouse for analysis.


The solution lowered the complexity of retrieving data and associated processing costs while resulting in a faster, automated close.  The costs of manual reconciliations were drastically reduced.  Provides a scalable, flexible finance architecture for future growth and M&A.


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